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Credit Hack 1: Pay off that holiday debt

Still revolving holiday credit card debt? Chances are, youre not alone.

In the US, average credit card debt increased about 3.5 percent from November 2013 to January 2014, according to a Bankrate analysis of Experian data.

But dont take solace in the fact that other consumers are probably still paying for the holidays, too.

Its in your best interest to pay off all your holiday purchases as soon as possible. High credit card balances will negatively skew your credit utilization rate — essentially how much credit you are using versus how much collectively...

CHEVIOT, Ohio – Hundreds of people turned out to a neighborhood bar on the West Side Saturday night to show support in more ways than one for a beloved school teacher who continues to recover from a stroke she suffered while on a philanthropic trip to Africa.

The event at The Public House in Cheviot intended to raise money to cover some of the medical expenses for Terri Kersey, a selfless fifth- and sixth-grade teacher at St. Bernard Elementary School.

Just to have the support from the community, to have a turnout like this for my wife, its amazing. It shows you what she means to the community, Kerseys husband, Greg, said during the fundraiser on North Bend Road. To have...

February 27, 2015 — A weekly look at Wyoming business questions from the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (WSBDC), part of WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz, a collection of business assistance programs at the University of Wyoming.

By Bryson Patterson, export finance specialist, US Small Business Administration, guest columnist

What financing options are available to support growth in export markets? Ryan, Torrington

One of the biggest obstacles faced by small businesses is a lack of growth capital. This is a problem faced by start-up companies as well as firms opening a second location or taking on a large new client.

Any time a business is in a growth phase,...

We all know that for most people who start businesses it is either necessary or extremely helpful to have access to financing. The lower the cost the better and the more cash-flow friendly it is, the better, because you don’t have any dang cash-flow. Or at least not much since you’re in your first year or two of starting the business.

We’ve worked with and helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners who were in their first 2 years of business and these are the 5 most common mistakes I’ve seen made when it comes to financing and start-ups.

Did You Form Your Entity and Establish Ownership Percentages with Financing in Mind?

When you have...

Mortgages for new homes in Sedgwick County increased slightly while mortgage refinance loans fell by half between 2013 and 2014.

That’s according to reports by CoreLogic, a California-based financial services information and analytics firm, and provided to The Eagle by Fidelity Bank, which in 2014 assumed the top lender spot in total number of transactions and total dollars.

The reports showed new-home mortgages increased 3.6 percent to 231 among the county’s top 10 mortgage lenders in 2014, compared to 2013.

Mortgages for the purchase of existing homes were down 6.8 percent in the same period, the reports said, dropping to 2,229 from 2,392 in 2013. At the same...

Numerous firms are taking part in a new and somewhat controversial program offered by Fannie Mae for fixed-rate conventional home loans with 3 percent down payments. Freddie Mac starts backing similar loans next month.

The two bailed-out housing finance corporations reintroduced their 3 percent down products in December 2014 as a way to assist prospective first-time homebuyers who have the income to pay off a mortgage but lack the savings for a large upfront payment. Prior to the announcement, Fannie and Freddie’s lowest down payment option was 5 percent.

Lenders say that millennial homebuyers — those born after 1980 — can especially benefit from this new 3 percent...

A closely watched index that tracks mortgage credit availability lender requirements on credit scores, down payments and other key loan terms has some good news for potential homebuyers: Things are finally loosening up.

After years of progressively tighter rules on borrower eligibility in the wake of the housing bust, banks and mortgage companies have begun modestly easing their requirements and even expanding the types of mortgages they offer. The Mortgage Bankers Associations latest credit availability index reported improvements in all four of its loan categories during January. The improvements mainly reflect positive lender responses to government efforts to ease regulations...

Money Advice Service accredits debt learning providersMonday 16th February 2015

The Money Advice Service has recently accredited a number of learning programmes providers which strive to increase the standard of debt advice delivered in the UK.

A variety of training and qualification providers submitted their learning programmes for assessment against their individual quality framework.

Each programme was assessed against the six activity sets; initial contact, support work, advice, casework/specialist, court representation and supervision.

MAS believes that it is important for people who seek debt advice to be certain that they are working with an adviser...

Around 32,000 households are expected to experience difficulties by 2018 due to negative equity and spending a large chunk of income on servicing mortgages, according to a report commissioned by the Department for Social Development (DSD).

Funding for debt advice in Northern Ireland is set to increase by a third and services may be simplified to tackle the problem.

The report said mortgage rescue schemes allowed households to either reduce their equity share or to remain in their home as tenants of a housing association.

The experience of Scotland in particular has shown the scheme to be an effective last resort option for the most vulnerable homeowners.