New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley may have to cancel a trip to the United States next month; he has been moved to an isolation ward of the government-run AIIMS hospital in Delhi to help him recover from an infection that followed a stomach operation to treat diabetes.

Mr Jaitley was meant to leave on October 8 for a World Bank meeting in Washington from October 10-12.

Through its Brussels-based Elavon Freight Payment subsidiary, US Bancorp (USB – Analyst Report) is extending its freight-payment trade finance service into Europe. Through this new trade finance tool, US Bancorp will aid shippers to hold cash for a long time and release the payment of carriers first. Further, carriers will be provided with cost-effective options and other finance alternatives, the process common in Europe.

Elavon Freight Payment is extending such trade finance services following the diverse business in Europe and stringent regulatory landscape. Such remarkable finance tools will provide mechanized resolutions to some of Europes most labor driven...

The alternative finance world is young and vivacious. The platforms are almost universally under five years old. But the actual users of those platforms tend to be rather less bright-eyed and spritely, which got me thinking: how is the younger generation of fundraisers and investors, say the 18 to 25 year olds, to approach the alternative finance space?

I contacted a few leading platforms in order to see if the majority of alternative finance users are middle-aged. Below are my findings:


Borrowers – 40 years old on average – borrow on average pound;7,000

Lenders – 47 years old on average – lend on average pound;5,500



When protestors start occupying the offices of pension funds rather than blocking the bulldozers razing old growth forests, it’s clear that the times – and campaigning tactics – are changing.

The rapid momentum behind the finance sector-focused NGO campaigns in Australia has taken casual observers and many within the finance industry by surprise.

With domestic political action on climate change in Australia stubbornly stuck in reverse gear, environment groups are looking to other avenues to influence climate action and they’ve chosen finance as the next target. Today, there are more than ten environment groups in Australia with finance sector focused campaigns.


The Nifty opened lower on Monday as indicated by futures trade on Singapore Stock Exchange. Foreign investors had sold stocks worth Rs 1,134 crore on Friday. But however domestic investors offset the selling as they bought stocks worth more than Rs 1,335 crore in cash market. Markets are likely to witness some short covering today on the back of revision in credit rating outlook by international rating agency Standard Poor.

Fewer Twin Cities homeowners were underwater on their mortgages in the second quarter of the year.

The real estate data firm CoreLogic says the share of underwater Twin Cities homes dropped to 8 percent in the second quarter, down from 13 percent in the same period last year.

A home is considered under water when the borrower owes more on the mortgage than the home is worth.

Hoping to do for personal finance what Expedia and other sites did for travel, Credit Karma Inc. has raised $75 million in growth funding from major late-stage investors at a valuation of more than $1 billion.

Previous investors Google Capital , Tiger Global Management and Susquehanna Growth Equity contributed to Credit Karma’s new financing.

Investors have poured money into services like LendingClub, Prosper, SoFi, LendUp and Avant Credit that offer new ways for consumers to obtain loans online. Unlike these peer-to-peer and alternative loan providers, San Francisco-based Credit Karma helps consumers figure out which financial institutions offer the best terms.


One of the most poignant features of student debt is that, short of paying it off, its pretty much impossible to get rid of. In 2005, the bankruptcy code was updated to make private loans non-dischargable in a personal bankruptcy, meaning that, unlike other private debts, student loans cant be forgiven or written off.* 

This change put private student loans are on the same level as federal or state loans and as child support payments: totally, non-negotiably sticking with you forever. What is less well-known are some of the consequences the new rule had on the economics of the loan market.

In a nutshell, student loans are more widely available to low-credit borrowers, theres...

Income-based repayment plans may lower your monthly payments
and, over time, even eliminate some of your student debt. But not
every borrower is eligible for an income-driven plan, and if you
are eligible, theres lots to consider when deciding if its the
right choice for you.

Income-based repayment options

The standard repayment plan for a federal student loan is 10
years. However, as you will learn about
money after graduation

, your grown-up salary may not be as big as you think it is. You
will also have other priorities, including savings and
retirement, and maybe even an occasional vacation.


The growth in US auto sales has slowed but a healthy auto loan and lease environment should continue to support higher sales the rest of this year and next, Moodys Analytics says.

Auto finance growth appears quite sustainable and reasonable given the broader economic context, Cristian deRitis, a senior director at Moodys Analytics, said Tuesday during a webinar for Consumer Bankers Association members.

Moodys Analytics expects the seasonally adjusted annual rate for US light vehicles to increase to nearly 17 million by the fourth quarter of 2015. Through August, US light-vehicle sales were about 11.2 million, up 5 percent from the eight-month period a year ago, according to the Automotive...