The company has received recommendation from many analysts. 4 analysts have rated the company as a strong buy. The shares have been rated as hold from 3 Wall Street Analysts. 5 analysts have suggested buy for the company.1 analyst has also rated it as a strong sell.

On Deck Capital Inc is a United States-based financing network that offers financing to small businesses that do not meet the criteria for traditional bank loans. The Company uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to evaluate the financial health of small and medium sized businesses. The OnDeck system also provides a critically needed mechanism for financial institutions and other business service providers...

Kenner policeinvestigators are asking for the publics help in identifying a man and woman captured on video surveillance using credit cards stolen from an 83-year-old woman.

The victim told police she was shopping at Home Depot, 2625 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Kenner, on June 14 when someone stole her wallet from her purse, said Lt. Brian McGregor, spokesman for the Kenner Police Department.

The wallet contained the womans credit cards, her drivers license, a checkbook and other property. Not long after the victim reported the wallet stolen, a man and woman paid a visit to a Lowes home improvement store in Metairie and used her credit cards to buy merchandise, McGregor said.


The city of San Mateo will have a new finance director Aug. 17 as Drew Corbett, who has the same position with the city of Menlo Park, will bring his 20 years of public and private sector experience to the city.

As Menlo Park finance director, he manages an annual operating budget of more than $60 million and has restructured the budget from a program/service model to a department/division model, according to a city press release.

Corbett began his public sector career with the city of Sunnyvale where he served as a budget analyst for five years before being promoted to budget manager/assistant director of finance.

After completing a master’s of Business Administration in Management...

Sustainable-finance MBA graduates are finding a harsh reality when they enter the job market: Even a sustainable-investing firm might not want to hire someone with a sustainable MBA.

Although every MBA program inUS News amp; World Report’s top 10 offers its students a chance to learn sustainable business, social enterprise, or socially responsible investing practices, many candidates are finding that employers prefer a more generalized MBA graduate when it comes time to hire.

Just studying sustainable investing or sustainable finance or sustainable business is missing the mark, says Erika Karp, who oversees $100 million as chief executive officer ofCornerstone CapitalGroup,...

If youre anything like me, you hear advertisements about financial products frequently (as I am writing this, a commercial for a bank just came on). I hear ads for everything from banks, to investment products, to retirement accounts, and on and on. Every ad is for something different and its hard to keep track of it all.

Ive found that putting subjects into financial categories helps me to understand personal finance more fully, and it also helps me decide which area to focus on and how to set better finance goals.

To help you see the bigger picture, consider these eight categories of personal finance.

1. Money Management

The money management category of personal...

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has tried for years to gain significant share in the mobile device market. Although the company was able to muscle its way into the smaller and less profitable tablet market, it has yet to make meaningful inroads into the smartphone market beyond a handful of point designs.

In order for Intel to be able to capture share in the smartphone market, I believe that the company needs to show potential customers that it can consistently churn out products with leadership performance, power consumption, and feature integration in a timely fashion.

One of the key drivers of product competitiveness is the manufacturing technology...

Peabody Energy Corporation (NYSE:BTU), one of the most actively traded stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, has been performing poorly over the past year, owing to challenging industry conditions. Over the last 12-months, the stock has dropped by 91.82% as the coal mining company faces pricing pressure. Since January 1, the stock has lost 83.98%.

Technical Analysis

A series of lower lows and lower highs show a clear downtrend. Expect continuation of downward momentum towards $0.8662 where decent support can be expected owing to grossly oversold conditions. Recovery from the aforementioned support would sight initial strength towards $1.578 and $2.018. High volumes witnessed...

Credit cards have a bad reputation, especially for consumers carrying big balances with high interest rates. Are there benefits to using credit cards? Definitely. You can accumulate points to earn rewards and free miles, and defer payment for a few weeks or a month. In a recent survey, 46 percent of people who prefer to make purchases using a credit card said they do so because of the rewards. But remember, these options will only benefit you if you can afford to pay off your balance in full by the end of the month. 

Here are the six best things you can charge on your credit card.

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  • Travel. When...


Signs advertising cash advances and payday loans are seemingly everywhere, and local advocates are hoping to stop payday lenders from taking advantage of customers.

These loans [are] really kicking the legs out from underneath people who are just starting to climb up the economic ladder, Margaux Morisseau, co-chair of the Rhode Island Coalition for Payday Lending Reform, said.
Her organization, which formed about five years ago, has been fighting what they call predatory lending practices by these payday loan stores.
The stores are not simply places to cash a paycheck. Customers need a bank account.
Show your pay stub, and the store loans you the money...

A new report, which analyzed over 3 million conversations that took place on various online mediums, revealed that Americans are concerned about overspending on food and considered it a major problem. A study from SunTrust Bank confirmed some of those numbers; 71% of Millennials admit to being short on cash due to dining out and 44% of US households admit they arent reaching their savings goals due to dining out and entertainment costs.

Have you ever read an article about saving money on dining out, only to realize that the advice amounted to order less? I wont insult your intelligence by advising you not to order drinks and to skip dessert any more than I would coach a basketball...