Youre an entrepreneur with a great idea and a lot of grit. Youve researched your market, developed your product or service, assembled an amazing team and worked your financial models backwards and forwards. Now, youre ready to launch your business, or to grow it to the next stage.

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At this point, there are good reasons to consider pitching to investors instead of pursuing traditional small business financing. Michael Howell, co-founder and CEO of Dolly, which helps students and homeowners with micro-moves, says that in todays startup environment, The key currency of success is learning what works and what doesnt as quickly as possible....

We believe that our estimated net sales were flat to slightly down for
the three months ended March 31, 2015 compared to the three months ended
March 31, 2014. This is due to a decline in net sales in our vehicle
electronics product line, primarily related to lower net sales in the
retail and traditional channels related to both lower volumes due to
timing of new product rollouts and the loss of a customer. We estimate
that this decline was partially offset by an increase in net sales in
our filtration product line, primarily due to higher volumes as a result
of new customer business wins.


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Most of the time, such companies continue honoring gift cards. And even if they choose not to, a bankruptcy court might still rule that gift cards remain good.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is different. In that case, a company is going out of business and is liquidating its remaining assets to pay off creditors.

Outstanding gift cards almost always become worthless under a Chapter 7 filing. At best, cardholders might get pennies on the dollar.

The local medical community is demanding a solution to save UF Health Jacksonville.

On Tuesday, House lawmakers abruptly ended their session early. They did so without finding any funding to cover a $95 million budget shortfall at the local hospital.
Last week, the hospital’s CEO warned Action News that UF Health might be forced to shut down without those tens of millions of dollars.
Something would jeopardize the health of the many people in Jacksonville who rely on UF Health. People like Roderick Crum who has been traveling to and from UF Health for over eight years.
“I go to get my medications and prescriptions,” Crum said.

In a rare instance when you might have seen think tankers of The Cato Institute hand and hand with Occupy Wall Street protestors, many of whom were homeless people just looking for a cause, members of the powerful coalition of the NAR (National Association of Realtors), successfully lobbied the House of Representatives to pass a bill this Tuesday that makes it easier for lenders to lend money with less restrictions. On a positive note, at least Code Pink was there in their Susan Komen inspired T-shirts.

This does not bode well for the morally and conservative far right who believe less restrictive lending practices will lead to a repeat of the 2008 real estate crisis. If one where...

Sell-side Wall Street analysts are anticipating KAR Auction Services, Inc (NYSE:KAR) will post a current quarter earnings per share of $0.41. This figure is based on the combined estimates of the analysts that cover the company. For the period ending on 2014-12-31 the company reported earnings per share of $0.4. Based on the latest public information, the firm is slated to next report earnings on or around 2015-05-05.

Analysts that cover the stock have a mean consensus price target of $41.5 for KAR Auction Services, Inc (NYSE:KAR).This one year figure is the mean estimate coming from the research analysts that recently released reports on stock. The latest update on price target was seen...

OAKVILLE, ON, April 13, 2015 /CNW/ – Jeffrey Newhouse, CEO of CTL Corp. (CTL), is proud to announce the appointments of Sean OBrien as Chief Operating Officer and Andrew Mulroy as Vice President of Consumer Relations, effective immediately.

Sean OBrien, Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sean will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of CTLs day-to-day operations and continuing to improve CTLs operational effectiveness.

Sean is a pre-eminent leader in Canadas consumer automotive finance industry. Sean brings proven leadership, vision and a depth of experience that will continue to propel CTL to the forefront of Canadas automotive finance...

One of the most jarring parts of the senior year career search was learning which jobs I wouldn’t be able to accept — not because I’m unqualified, but because I couldn’t afford them.

Like many other Brown students from middle-class backgrounds, I took out a combination of federal and private loans to pay for my education. And since I will be paying off these loans for months to come, I have no other choice than to prioritize my salary when making career decisions. It’s not even a salary that would let me live in the lap of luxury, but one that would permit me to pay my monthly loan payments while trying to maintain a somewhat comfortable lifestyle.


April 9, 2015

News Release

CARMEL, Ind. – KAR Auction Services (NYSE: KAR), the parent company of ADESA, today announced the development of a whole car auction facility. Named ADESA Chicago, the site will give KAR a strong local presence in the nations third largest metropolitan area.

As we have discussed in our recent earnings calls, we have a responsibility to deploy capital in a manner that provides a return to our shareholders. Identifying opportunities for strategic growth has been a priority of KAR, said Jim Hallett, KAR chairman of the board and chief executive officer. The investment in an ADESA auction facility in Chicago is just one example of how we can deploy...

Interesting things happen as commercial gaming churns across the stormy gulf between an illegal and legal state of being.

They may include live demonstrations that the heart and mind are often miles apart in their assessments of the same issue. There are strong parallels with the marijuana business.

As in lawmakers reminding themselves, I dont like gambling but it is legal now. Perhaps people should be allowed to make their own decisions about discretionary spending.

Look at whats going on in Massachusetts where casino gambling and all the entertaining add-ons that come with it have been approved twice in statewide referendums spanning just a few years. Yet, influential...