State budget director Shawn Sullivan said he’s confident legislative leaders will make wise decisions Monday about which school districts will get emergency funding.

But he said it will be a challenging task. More than three dozen school districts seek more money than is available in a state fund for extraordinary funding needs.

“The logistics of trying to deal with all of (the requests) in one day and get the information needed is going to be difficult,” Sullivan said Friday in Wichita.

Thirty-eight districts, including Wichita, have filed applications seeking about $15 million in additional aid under an education funding law enacted this year that...

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Cindy Miller wanted help with her student loan payments. She said she went on line and found a company that looked like it could do the job, Student Debts Forgiven, and talked to them on the phone.

He said, Oh, you qualify for this program under Obamas student loan forgiveness program. So, I thought that was great, said Miller.

Miller said the representative gave her documents that said her loan payment would be just $11 per month. She said she paid almost $600 up front for the service.

But, Miller said, her payments were not lowered at all. She said she got a call from her original loan company asking her why she wasnt paying her loan.


As political leaders prepare to convene the annual Lake Tahoe Summit Monday, debate is mounting over federal funding needed to continue environmental restoration projects around the landmark Sierra lake.

Two bills are pending in Congress, one which would authorize hundreds of millions of dollars supporters insist is needed to continue important environmental progress around the Tahoe Basin and another which would raise significantly less but which backers say has a realistic shot at becoming law while still addressing Tahoe’s most pressing threats.

On Monday, Nevada’s Republican US Sen Dean Heller will host the 19th Lake Tahoe Summit, an annual event held to mark...

Of course, 50 is not the first person or celebrity to file for bankruptcy. In fact, more African Americans, especially Black women, are filing bankruptcy and more than their white peers. Research in 2012 showed that “more and more Black women are filing bankruptcy, and defaulting on student loans which has an overall default rate of about 15 percent now for for-profit colleges, according to the US Dept of Education,” reported Black News.

But what does it really mean to file bankruptcyand should you?  “The decision when to file bankruptcy is a very personal one and there are no hard and fast rules about when to file.Each person sees their life differently and the timing...

BRISTOL, Tenn., Aug. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Bill Gatton Honda in Bristol, Tenn. is participating in the Honda Graduate Program, which is valid through August 31, 2015. Those who have graduated in the past two years, or those who are set to graduate in the next six months are eligible to partake in the program.

Photo –

The Honda Graduate Program offers $500 toward any 2015 or newer Honda vehicle when financing or leasing with Honda Financial Services. Participants must have a five percent down payment. They must also provide proof of employment or confirmation of future employment.

Graduates must provide...

AUSTIN — More than 100 couples are without a wedding photographer after the company they hired filed for bankruptcy.

According to former contractors who worked for The Wedding Shoppes owner Chris Howard, Howard announced suddenly he was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July and would no longer offer any service to any couple whose wedding was after Aug. 10. One former contractor said 109 couples have been left without a photographer they had already partially or fully paid for, and they may not get a refund.

In an email provided to KVUE by a former customer, a lawyer said, Because of the imminent bankruptcy filing, no refunds can be given at the time.


As a result, the staff recommended the maximum possible penalties under city and state law for money laundering and exceeding city limits on campaign contributions.

Bae signed a document saying that he had violated city laws and agreeing to pay the fine of $54,150 to the city of Los Angeles. The Ethics Commission will vote next week on the proposed agreement.

Bae also faced a separate $22,500 fine before the California Fair Political Practices Commission, which approved the penalty this week.

Wichita, Kan. –

Nearly 40 school districts across Kansas will likely find out Monday whether they will receive emergency funding from the state.

Friday was the deadline for districts to submit additional information to the State Finance Council.

Right now 39 districts are seeking $15.1 million in emergency aide. The problem is lawmakers only set aside $12.3 million.

Lawmakers anticipated, months ago when they created the block grant funding, many districts would extra money.

They set aside money in the Extraordinary Need Fund, and created certain criteria districts had to meet in order to qualify for the money.

What was not clearly explained,...

You might have noticed that TechHive has dialed way back on the number of crowd-funding campaigns that it covers. The ones we do report on must be especially noteworthy and credible. After this reporter saw a working protoype of the FitNatic Nourish–a countertop device that analyzes personal data and spits out powdered supplement blends tailored to your lifestyle–my editor decided it met that standard.

Earlier today, FitNatic cofounder and CEO Stephen Lamarre announced on Indiegogo that after “a thorough investigation to reveal the facts and decipher all of the lies,” FitNatic was “severing ties” with team members Aldo Beqiraj...


Loan Options for Landlords on the Rise

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Sonny Gosai, Sales amp; Operations Manager at Clever Lending, discusses product innovation for buy to let loans and how landlords can still make viable investments.

It’s not that long ago that the budget had buy to let landlords scratching their heads wondering if the reduction in tax benefit over the next few years was the deal breaker that would burst the buy to let bubble.

Have no fear, product innovation is here. I think even George Osborne would be quite impressed with the inventive and well-timed products...