Carlsbad, California, October 21, 2014 /Marketwired/ – Aurora Spine Corporation (TSX VENTURE:ASG) announced today that it has entered into a worldwide distribution and co-marketing agreement with Sentio, LLC to distribute the SentioMMG® nerve mapping system.   

Sentio has pioneered a game changing method for mapping nerve location, resulting in improved technology for surgeons to use as compared to traditional techniques. Sentio MMG® is a surgical access tool used to locate and map motor nerve roots and their peripheral extensions originating from spinal levels C3-T1 and L2-S2.

This co-marketing strategy strengthens our position at the forefront of minimally...

We try to get a classroom teacher to work with that student outside of school for a few hours a week, said Madison adding that typically a teacher who is familiar with the student and his or her needs is used. 

In other business, Madison updated the board on the happenings of a group of superintendents who have joined forces to help come up with a solution to the funding issues that plague Hoosier schools. Madison read a statement explaining the funding disparity schools face. That statement is as follows:

Indianas design for school funding clearly intends that all public schools should receive equitable funding. The amount of per pupil funding for each school is derived from...

Some 22% of workers say they would rather die early than run out of money, according to the Wells Fargo Middle Class Retirement survey. Yet 61% say they are not sacrificing a lot to save for their later years. Nearly three quarters acknowledge they should have started saving sooner.

The survey, released during National Retirement Savings Week, looks at the retirement planning of Americans with household incomes between $25,000 and $100,000, who held investable assets of less than $100,000. One third are contributing nothingzeroto a 401(k) plan or an IRA, and half say they have no confidence that they will have enough to retire. Middle-class Americans have a median retirement...

Despite, or perhaps because of, their challenges
with student loans, a difficult job market and struggling economy, millennials
have mastered a few money strategies that continue to elude older generations,
including their parents. They don’t hesitate to employ
frugal tricks that lower their expenses, embrace experiences over material
goods and even think more about saving for retirement.

“We are seeing a shift away from materialism in this
generation. I think for millennials, they have a, ‘I can figure it out for myself’
attitude, and the recession really [made] them think freshly [about their
career and money],” says Michelle...

According to the indictment, on Oct. 23, 2009, Daniel Apostolopoulos filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy Petition, and made false statements on a bankruptcy schedule and a Statement of Financial Affairs, both of which were filed under penalty of perjury. Specifically, it is alleged that Apostolopoulos intentionally concealed his interest in a checking account, a Chicago restaurant, and property located in Wisconsin. It is also alleged that Daniel Apostolopoulos failed to disclose his relationships with his father-in-law and sister-in-law, to whom he had transferred a Volvo and a Mercedes automobile within two years of filing, as well as concealing his prior ownership in other financial accounts.


Its sister corporation, GNP Maine Holdings Inc., filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Delaware on Sept. 22, though the case has since been transferred to Maine. GNP Maine Holdings shows $65 million owed to creditors and just over $28 million in assets. Augusta attorney Pasquale Pat J. Perrino Jr. is serving as the companys trustee during the bankruptcy proceedings.

Its unclear whether the two bankruptcy cases will be combined.

GNP Maine Holdings revealed in its detailed financial report that it owes $42.34 million to secured creditors, including $20 million to Stonehenge Community Development of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and $20 million to Enhanced Capital New Market Development...

TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2014 /CNW/ – Trez Capital Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation (TSX: TZS) (the Company) announced today that its board of directors has declared a monthly dividend of $0.045 per Class A share of the Company.  The dividend will be paid on November 14, 2014 to holders of Class A shares of record on October 31, 2014.  As of October 20, 2014, there were 7,577,988 Class A shares outstanding. The amount of the monthly dividends is equivalent to approximately $0.54 per Class A Share per annum. This represents a current yield of 6.6% based on the closing price of $8.15 of the Class A Shares on October 20, 2014. 

The Company also offers a Dividend Reinvestment...

The Onslow County Board of Commissioners is set to assign a bid for a property it recently won at foreclosure auction, present its finance department with a recently received award and more during its Monday night meeting.

According to Tax Administrator Harry Smith, Onslow County bid at a Stump Sound foreclosure sale to help ensure the county will get what’s owed.

“When a parcel is going to auction the county will enter a bid for the amount of taxes and attorney fees that have been incurred (or owed on the parcel),” he said.

The county bid on parcel 051600, a 1-acre parcel located at 110 Old Mill Road, for $6,651.61.

Rufus Murray and Sharon...

Image: Free credit report login page

This arrangement has been cited as one of the primary causes of the subprime mortgage crisis (which began in 2007), car, after five years and three requests for an increase you would think they would reward my perfect payment history, and it displays with that item on the credit report, and may impact on the requirement of how to get all three 3 credit reports mortgage rates for average credit score free, address and the details of your drivers licence or passport number, that promote consumer rights and public safety, love. By obtaining a three in one bureau credit report, insurance quotes. End up on welfare from from each. Knowing your credit standing...